Atlantic American Partners makes investments in Multifamily, Student Housing, Industrial, Mixed-Use and Hospitality development opportunities.  We manage private equity funds that invest common and private equity, and seek to cultivate long-term relationships with proven development sponsors.

We typically invest $15 to $30 million per transaction, although are willing to consider larger investments in select opportunities.  Our investment structure is extremely flexible, capable of investing as common and/or preferred equity.

By taking a passive approach to investing, we allow our partners to do what they do best – build and manage their projects.


Geographic Focus

We invest throughout the United States, but with a strong preference in the Southeast.

Asset Classes

Multifamily Residential, Student Housing, Industrial, Mixed-Use, and Hospitality.

Investment Size

Preferred check size of $15-30 million but able to make larger investments.

Common Equity and Preferred Equity

Other Considerations

New Development and Redevelopment Opportunities

Proven Developers, Operators and Sponsors

Ability to Exit in 3-5 Years

Partner with us

Atlantic American Partners seeks to establish lasting relationships with proven developers of Multifamily Residential Apartments, Student Housing, Mixed-Use and Hospitality assets.

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