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The use of EB-5 capital provides numerous benefits to developers and business owners; however, the process of raising capital through the EB-5 Program can be very difficult to navigate, time-consuming, as well as costly.  Atlantic American Partners has streamlined this process and offers project sponsors an easy and inexpensive source of EB-5 capital.   In essence, we operate like a friendly, passive, private equity fund, offering the following benefits.

Less Expensive Source of Equity

Atlantic American Partners is focused on investing in reputable developers with stable projects that have a high likelihood of meeting the EB-5 Program’s job creation requirement.  We also seek a timely return of capital – typically four to five years from the time of investment.  In exchange for the immigration benefit our investors receive, we are willing to reduce our cost of capital, so our return expectation is typically lower than that of a traditional real estate equity investor. 

We may be able to structure attractive redemption features that enable sponsors to buy back our ownership at below market rates of return, allowing developers to take advantage of future growth and upside potential.

Extensive Experience in EB-5 Industry

The process of raising capital through the EB-5 Program can be very challenging, primarily due to the immigration visa aspect and need to raise capital $500,000 at a time from individual investors.  Atlantic American Partners has been involved with the EB-5 program since 2009 and have successfully invested over $250 million of EB-5 capital for 25 projects.   We understand immigration law, the EB-5 Program, and have established channels that source investors that we can quickly allocate into projects.

Streamlined Process

With several years and over $250 million of EB-5 capital invested, Atlantic American Partners has developed a streamlined process for accessing EB-5 capital.  Our team prepares all of the required project documentation and ongoing compliance, providing a quick and easy process for sponsors seeking EB-5 capital. 

Our process requires no involvement from the developer other than typical underwriting documentation.  We focus on the immigration side of the equation and allow you to focus on what you do best – development. 

Immediate Access to Capital

Most sources of EB-5 capital escrow their investment until their investors and/or the project is approved by USCIS.  This can take months (currently 20+) and cause significant development delays and potentially increase project costs related to the need for bridge financing.  Other EB-5 sources may also require a significant amount of time to identify the investors for your project. 

Atlantic American Partners does not escrow its funds and therefore there is not a long wait for our investment.  In addition, we have internal bridge capital that we use to bridge our investors, at no additional cost to your project.

Professional Team

Atlantic American Partners is managed by an experienced management team that has an extensive background in due diligence, underwriting and closing complex transactions.  This gives us the ability to quickly give the developer an indication of interest and close on an investment in the project. 

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