Atlantic American Partners’ unique EB-5 platform was created from the ground up after countless interviews with former and prospective EB-5 investors.  From these interviews, we determined what was most important to the typical EB-5 investor and built our business model around those core values.  As a result, Atlantic American Partners offers numerous benefits to its EB-5 investors, including:

More Likely to Meet the Job Creation Requirement
Atlantic American Partners prefers a more conservative, safer approach that maximizes job creation for our investors.

Because job creation is the only way to secure a permanent visa through the EB-5 Program, it is our top priority.  We generally invest in projects that have targeted job creation of 20% or more than the program requires, therefore creating a cushion and ensuring that we meet the minimum of 10 per investor.  This is achieved by investing alongside outside capital (such as equity contributed by the project’s sponsor, bank financing, and government-sponsored tax incentives) so that we can participate in larger projects, which result in more job creation.  Because we get credit for 100% of each project’s job creation (regardless of whether it is paid for with EB-5 capital or not) this benefits our EB-5 investors.

In addition, all of our projects meet the job creation requirement from construction alone – so all jobs are created from just building the property.  This removes any operational risk (such as meeting a hotel’s revenue projections) from the project’s job creation.

Finally, we don’t file investor visa applications until all of the contracts required to build the project are fully negotiated, further reducing the risk that a project will not be completed.

Less Risk for Loss of Investment
After meeting the EB-5 program’s job creation requirement, our top priority is preserving our investors’ capital.  This is primarily achieved through diversification of investment.

Diversification is a risk management tool aimed at reducing risk by making many investments as opposed to a single investment – stemming from the basic principle of “don’t put all your eggs in one basket.”  Our investors own an equal share of the entire portfolio of assets, not just one project.

Timely Return of Capital
Most EB-5 projects do not have a mechanism to return capital to investors in a timely manner.  We do things differently.

Every EB-5 investment that we make has a structured exit that coincides with the time it takes to obtain a permanent green card.  The developer must either return the capital and profits, or we can force a sale of the project, which the developer is required to participate in.

By controlling the sale of each project, we can return capital, and profits, to our investors once their “at risk” period has expired and they are permitted to receive capital back per the regulations of the EB-5 Program.

Ability to Earn a Real Profit
Most EB-5 offerings are structured to benefit the developer, not the investors who are taking all the financial risk.  We share our profits with our investors, who can generate a meaningful gain.  Our goal is to offset the cost of the administrative fee and cost of your immigration attorney.
Professional Investment Management

Atlantic American Partners is part of a 45-year-old investment bank and private equity fund manager that invests and manages capital for institutional investors, such as banks, insurance companies, and pension funds.  Its partners have completed over $40 billion of transactions around the world, and have managed over $2 billion of private equity.  Our team consists of MBAs, CFAs, attorneys and experienced investment professionals.

We began our EB-5 business in 2009 and to date, have successfully invested over $350,000,000 of EB-5 capital (helping more than 700 families with their immigration process) in 35 EB-5 projects.

We source EB-5 investment opportunities from only proven, top-tier developers who have track records of developing, stabilizing and exiting profitable projects.  We negotiate an investment structure that benefits our investors and stay involved in every step of the development and operational processes.

Ongoing Portfolio Management and Project Oversight
After each investment is made, construction is complete, and jobs have been created, Atlantic American Partners stays involved in each and every project.

During the construction process, Atlantic American Partners reviews monthly construction draw requests and work performed prior to approving the release of capital into the project.  After our approval for release of funds, the construction lender (bank) will perform their own review, providing additional oversight, prior to the release of funds.

Once construction is complete, we review monthly financial statements, leasing/performance reports – comparing them to the project budgets – and have discussions with the developer about any discrepancies that may arise.

We also have regular board meetings with the developer/sponsor, where we review project performance, approve operating budgets, and discuss market opportunities and threats.

Transparency of Investment
As we do with our institutional investors, we strive to provide a transparent investment process.  We provide regular construction/project updates and quarterly financial statements and capital accounts.  At year-end, each Fund is audited by an independent Certified Public Accountant (CPA) to provide assurance that the information we report is accurate and correct.

We also welcome our investors to contact us anytime with questions about their investment and the projects our Funds invest in.

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